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Options trade tracking, automated

No more custom spreadsheets or manually entering trades. Wingman handles the complexity of tracking, so you can easily stay on top of your trading.

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What's your breakeven after rolls or assignments?

Which strategies are working for you YTD?

What setups have the highest win rate over the past 3 months?

Many try to answer these questions by tracking trades in a spreadsheet.

But it was a struggle. Here’s why:

Booking many trades each day is a burden

No easy way to track rolls, assignments, dividends, and expirations

Missing a day makes it hard to catch up

There weren't any other tools in the market. So we automated the importing, grouping, and analysis processes.

How do I import transactions?
A few clicks.

Export the CSV file of transactions from your brokerage platform and import to Wingman. A 1-minute process that’s so easy you’ll wonder why people still bother tracking trades manually.

Miss a few days? Just start the CSV export from the day you left off - no problem.

Does it know how to handle rolls?
It was born for this.

When you roll or adjust positions, Wingman knows how to group the individual legs together to continue the existing position. You can totally customize the grouping of legs to create your desired position group. Ex: A covered call that you've been selling calls in for over a year.

What about post-trade analysis?
You bet.

See key summary metrics in aggregate across all of your accounts and in bucketed reports by strategy, underlying, or custom tags.

Use custom position tags to keep tabs on the performance of trade setups, trade idea sources, management techniques, or any other bucket you care about.

Win rate, average p/l per day, total p/l, fees, and more — calculated for you and updated every time you import trades.

Metrics to help manage open positions?
Lots of them.

Cost Basis Mode: see your position's original trade price, cumulative cost basis, which bakes in all activity since the first open, and realized P/L for options you’ve closed along the way. Commission, fees, and dividends included. No more adding up debits and credits manually.

P/L Mode: see your true total p/l, open p/l, and realized p/l, to instantly know where your complete position stands, marked to market prices. All transaction activity and fees baked in.

You can import trades for:

Charles Schwab®
Interactive Brokers®
TD Ameritrade® (thinkorswim®)

*No affiliation with these brokerages. Registered trademarks belong to these respective companies.

Stocks / ETFs / Funds
Futures Options

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